About Sandy Zane

Sandy Zane is one of New York's finest headshot photographers

If you are an actress, actor, performer, or you just want that perfect photograph, Sandy Zane Photography can help. Sandy Zane is also available for portraits and events.

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I'm one of New York's Finest! Not a cop--but a photo pro. And like a cop, I catch people--actors, actresses, and performers in compelling photos full of their essence and mystery that reveal their unique personalities, their spontaneity, their remarkable gestures and expressions.
Check my work out. The people are direct and alive. They fascinate. They compel. They invite you to look at them over and over. I'll make you look spontaneous, exciting, and real. All the drama the profession demands. After a session with me, you'll be eager to present your shots.

I'm fun to work with. I listen to your needs. I collaborate. I'm upbeat, unpretentious, perceptive, and supportive of a thespian's needs. I've helped numerous actors and actresses advance their careers. My sessions are lively, relaxed, and ffordable--indoors and/or out. Together, you and I will get the shots that capture the real you, and the real you will find the work you dream about.

Visit my studio, conveniently located in Greenwich Village. Take advantage of my hair stylists and make-up people (optional). My photos will make you look your natural best and show you as you really are. Break a leg!!
My prices are surprisingly competitive: a twenty percent (20%) discount for clients. Just mention you saw me on the internet.